Marley's Ghost Productions, in association with Indimax Productions, is proud to announce the development of our latest short film 'Telepathy.' This sci-fi drama seeks to explore the nature of discrimination and how we are eaten away when hatred and intolerance are allowed to become the norm.


In the near future, an unexplained phenomenon has progressively given the majority of the world's population telepathic abilities. While many herald this as a new age of human evolution and culture, for those who do not have this gift, this new world is a dark place. The non-telepathic have become the new under-class, with new laws and social change making them less than human.

Alina is a young woman who has not developed telepathic abilities. Under the new 'Reclamation' laws, Alina is case managed by a telepathic social worker named Ash. Through their interview, we learn Alina's story and the discrimination she has faced through her life.

In this piece, we examine the nature of discrimination. How those in power can justify their feelings of superiority and the social (and often legal) barriers that put up to keep others down. They believe they are doing the right thing, but discrimination is never right.